Welcome to Northside ADR LLC



An affordable, prompt and practical way to avid expenses and rigors of protracted litigation.

Our moderator has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective legal and business solutions for our clients. Some of the benefits of utilizing mediation through Northside ADR, LLC  include:

  • Self determined resolutions
  • Allows adversaries to ultimately resolve disputes in a civil and voluntary manner
  • Private, non public forum
  • Less intimidating than a courthouse setting
  • Significant cost savings over protracted litigation
  • Less formal proceeding that allows for consideration of evidence often times excluded in litigation
  • Allows for creative solutions
  • Allows for a prompt dispute resolution without customary delay
  • Voluntary mediation fosters a good faith environment because the participants choose to be there and are committed to the process
  • Confidential proceedings allow for full discussions and promote dialogue
  • Process generally allows the participants to gain the perspective of their adversaries with regard to their own case as well as that of the other party.
Our goal is to provide professional dispute resolution services in a practical manner. We have successfully represented both claimants and respondents in numerous complex mediation matters and can bring years of practical experience to every situation. Our rates are extremely reasonable and we offer several options. We also have flexible scheduling and are willing to travel.